Because our courses spend multiple days out in the wilderness, we need our instructors to have a wilderness medicine certification. We accept both Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder certifications (as well as WEMT certs). Orkila can provide a Wilderness First Aid certification free of charge for instructors before staff training begins. We recommend the organizations listed bellow if you are interested in getting a certification prior to the beginning of summer.





It is a requirement that each water based course has at least one instructor who has a water safety certification. Orkila accepts a number of different certifications including Red Cross and YMCA Lifeguard certifications, Red Cross Small Craft Safety, US Sailing Small Boat Instructor or Sailing Counselor, ASA Dinghy Instructor, ACA Level 1, 2, or 3 in Sea Kayaking, and BCU Coach Level 2.

Red Cross Small Craft Safety is the easiest to obtain and Orkila will conduct the live skill check off during training. More information can be found here.