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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I bring my bicycle to camp?

Yes! Here are some things to consider.

  • You must wear a helmet while on camp property (leading by example for our campers). 
  • Campers may NOT ride your bicycle. Other staff may, with your permission. They too, must wear a helmet while on camp property.
  • We don't have a designated "bike lock area," so you are free to keep it near your cabin and lock it to something durable, like a small tree.
  • If you are driving yourself or with someone else, bring your bike along, too. If you are walking onto the ferry, and are planning to be picked up by us, we can pick your bike up with you. Just let us know in advance.

Q: Is there electricity/lights/outlets in the cabins? In the restrooms?

Only a few cabins have electricity, but all restrooms have electricity.

Q: Where can I charge my cell phone, iPod, laptop, etc.?

 Our staff lounge is called Great Blue Heron or GBH. Here we will have computers, couches, and camaraderie! You may charge things in this common space, but please do not leave your electronics unattended. We also provide a secure space in the Camp Store where you can "check in" a device for charging.

Q: How early should I try to be at the Anacortes Ferry Landing for my desired sailing?

 The Washington State Ferries are taking reservations for the San Juan Islands. To learn about the reservation system and to make a reservation please visit: Washington State Ferries Reservations

Q: Will I live in the same place for the whole summer?

We ask that staff are flexible throughout their employment with us as living arrangements from session to session tend to change. Living arrangements are determined by our specific job, the number of campers during each session, and other Orkila programs that use camp space. We will all have to move during and after staff training to accommodate Outdoor Environmental Education and Family Camp programs that will be running during the end of June and early July. We request that everyone remain flexible. In return, we will always give as much advance notice as possible, and offer assistance in moving belongings from point A to point B.

Q: When do campers arrive/leave?

Campers arrive and leave on the same day (Wednesday or Saturday) we call it Changeover Day. The only exceptions are the first day of camp in July and last day of camp at the beginning of September.

Q: Is their wifi at Camp?

Yes! There are “hotspots” in a couple of places, but the best location for staff is in Great Blue Heron (GBH) and the Larry Norman Lodge. If the service is ever slow or not working, please notify a director as soon as possible so we can fix it.

Q: Can I use my cell phone as my alarm clock?

 Time is crucial at camp, and a great way to start the day is by waking up on time. We feel that the best alarm clock is a watch, because then you also have a watch, which you need at camp. We prefer not to use cell phones as alarm clocks as we wish to provide a technology-reduced experience (cell phones, video games, computers) for our campers. Regular alarm clocks are fine, especially if they use a gentler, more pleasant sound. Just make sure it's a sound that wakes you up.

Q: Can I bring my car to Camp?

Yes! Staff may park in Foxfire Field, on the left after you pass the welcome sign. Speed limit on camp property is 15mph.

Q: How should my friends or family contact me if they have important news and/or an emergency that I need to know about?

The following numbers are good to know…

  • Camp Orkila Main Office, 8am-6pm: 360-376-2678
  • 24 hour Cell Phone, always carried by a director: 360-317-6852